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Marble Men the finest name in the Marble inlay work and one of the biggest exporters of Marble Inlaid Handicrafts. Marble Men, Established in 1976 is a house of Exclusive marble inlay of semi precious stones on Plates, Boxes, Coaster Sets, Dinning Tables, Coffee Tables, Soap Dishes, Elephants, Ash Trays, Trays, Paper Weights etc.

Our motto is Never To Compromise On Quality. Quality is a hallmark of our products. We are always putting our best of efforts to come out with something extraordinary and with a class that put us one step ahead of others. We always believe in giving quality products to our customer who has always been a guiding force in our success story till today. Stringent efforts are always taken to ensure that the quality standards of the company are being followed at each and every step. Our team of quality control experts are stationed at the manufacturing units to ensure that all the products are flawless and are of top standards.

Marble Men was the pioneer in introducing the inlay work on Elephants.

Today with its team of 325 highly skilled artisans, Marble Men makes objects of marble which it sells through its showroom renowned throughout the world.

Characteristics Of Indian Marble:-
  • Indian marble is Non Porous, even the most acidic drink like Coco Cola ,tea , coffee, wine, whisky does not stain it.
  • Indian marble comes in white, black, green, pink colour. White marble is transparent, Green and black are opaque.
  • Indian marble is weather proof. It does not have affect of any weather.
  • Indian marble can be washed with normal detergent and water and the more you wash the more white it will be.

Note:- All designs shown on the website are available in various sizes. Further any specific design in any specific size can also be made as per request.